Benefits of cold shower

Ah! The constant reminder from our grandparents about the benefits of the cold shower.


Yes, it seems a bit medieval considering the advancements in technology that lets us enjoy a warm, soothing, and comforting shower.


So why would someone willingly get into the cold water to start the day?


Before you get skeptical and move on, here’s something you need to understand. Hot shower is a luxury and does not need to be converted into a necessity.


Coming to the benefits of cold showers, there are a small fraction of people who love cold baths and swear by it. They talk about how it increases alertness, strengthens immunity and circulation and it even helps in weight loss.


Here are 5 awesome health benefits of a cold shower.


5 Health benefits of a cold shower


  1. Make every moment matter with increased alertness


Jumping in a cold shower in the morning will make you feel more awake and alert (might come as a shocker to first-timers thou!). When your body is exposed to cold temperature, norepinephrine is produced which stimulates the brain and the nervous system. It increases alertness, cognition, and focus – almost as good as your morning cup of coffee.


  1. Miraculously speed up the process of muscle recovery


For many, it is almost involuntary to slap an ice pack on an injury (almost) immediately. It reduces swelling and helps your muscle recover faster. For most bodybuilders and athletes, ice baths are like a ritual. Some also use the contrast method i.e. switching from hot to cold water to shock the body and further reduce the recovery time.


  1. Weight loss (Yes! You read it right)  


The cold shower can assist with weight loss. It activates the good fat in the body that keeps us warm. Exposure to temperatures between 14-32 degrees Celsius can increase metabolic rate, lower heart rate and decrease cortisol levels leading to weight loss. According to a recent study, one can lose up to nine pounds a year if he is regular with his cold shower sessions.  


  1. It will improve your hair and skin


Maintain your appearance by exposure to cold temperatures via. cold showers. Cold water tightens our cuticles and pores in the skin and scalp and prevents them from getting dirty. Furthermore, it keeps the natural oil intact which otherwise gets dried out in hotter temperatures. Cold water promotes stronger and healthier scalp and shiner hair.


  1. Keep your blood circulation under control and strengthen immunity


Cold water releases white blood cells thereby activating your immune system. It also increases blood circulation keep your heart in good shape. It speeds up breathing. Each organ gets more oxygen keeping it fit and fine.


So… it’s time you alter your morning routine


Get ready with an icy blast before you hit the best gym and fitness center in raja park (Fit O’Clock in Raja Park, Jaipur). If it gets unbearable, we have an alter solution. Start with a warm shower and switch to cold towards the end. Let your body get used to the cold and gradually add it to your morning rituals.