8 Ball Pool Game Rules

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Calling Pockets

  • No need to call the pocket in London Sydney.
  • You need to call the pocket in Moscow on just black ball.
  •   You need to call the pocket in every ball and also black ball in Jakarta and some others highest table.


  • You have short time to play the shot.
  • Don’t take long time in play the shot.
  • You can see during the game your shot timing so try to play the short in time.
  • Cue ball/White ball must be hit another ball otherwise foul will be consider.
  • You need to hit the edge of the table otherwise if you not hit.This will be consider as foul.

Potting 8 Ball

  • You can put your 8 Ball after putting the all solids or stripes balls.
  • Some table have require calling pocket on black ball.
  • Call the pocket on highest table.
  • Put the 8 Ball direct without calling the pocket on lowest table.
  • Put the black ball on that pocket which you have selected.
  • If you have put the black ball and also put white ball on last shot you will not be consider as winner according to Miniclip rules.
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How To Fix Issue

If you have some issue in 8 Ball Pool game or can directly contact with Miniclip on this email support@miniclip.com