8 Ball Pool League Trick

Today in this post you will learn about 8 Ball Pool Low League Trick.Every one is depress from hard league they cannot top the league due to other players which have also world topper or pakistan country topper.So don’t worry now you can got easy league by just apply this trick.

8 Ball Pool Low League Trick

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  • 8 Ball Pool official rules is this that you can get league according to your level.
  • But you can get low league by applying the 8 Ball Pool low league trick.
  • Don’t open your account on monday after finished the league.
  • Close your account just for some days.
  • Don’t play any game in your account after the league finished.
  • open your 8 Ball Pool account after 3 or 4 days.
  • Now don’t open your league to check your league that its low or high.
  • Now go to london table on game.
  • Play the london game.
  • Now its your break try to win the match from your opponent.
  • If you win then minimize the game and re-open it again but if you lose the game then don’t minimize the game just go to your league and check your league.Your league will be low the topper will have be just 100 winnings.Now try to play non stop game for some hours.If you cross all league players give him lead.