RAKHI 2018

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is commended upon the arrival of Shravan Purnima. In the period of Shravan, the Rishigans used to study and offer forfeits in the ashram. The Shravan-Purnima was satisfied as a month to month forfeit. Toward the finish of the forfeit, the act of attaching up the hosts to the hosts and the followers were custom. Consequently, its name is known as Avoidance of Protection. With regards to this custom, the Brahmin still keeps his hosts protecting. Later this same guard recipe began to be called Rakhi. Conquering the recipe on the wrist, the Brahmins articulate the accompanying mantra:
That is, the instrument of barrier (Rakhi) was attached to the high-blooded beast Rajya Bali, I tie you. O Goddess! You too don’t dash with your obligations, that is, to shield it from everything else.

Rakhi 2018

These days Rakhi is thought to be the celebration of sibling and sister. The sisters sit tight for this celebration from the prior month. On this event, wedded sisters maternal in-laws and sort out rakhi banding on the wrist of the siblings. They apply tilak on their temple and tie them with a rakhi. Sibling offers bliss to the sister by giving a few presents. Love gives new garments and cash. The family has a feeling of joy. In the hands of more seasoned youngsters, the protection strings are tied. Uncommon dishes are made in the house.
On the event of Rakshabandhan, there is an uncommon activity in the market. With bright vendors, shops are more inflexible. Individuals purchase diverse kinds of Rakhi. There is a great deal of group at the candy store shop. Individuals take endowments and purchase desserts parcels for use at home.

A Importância do Colágeno

O colágeno é uma proteína encontrada na pele que dá à pele a aparência de plenitude e suavidade. Além disso, sustenta órgãos internos, músculos, tendões, cartilagem e está presente nos dentes. Colágeno compõe 25 por cento da quantidade total de proteínas no corpo. À medida que envelhece, a produção de colágeno diminui, causando o aparecimento de rugas, cicatrizes e flacidez da pele.


Existem cerca de 20 tipos diferentes de colágeno em seu corpo. Cada grupo de colágeno tem papéis vitais em muitas das funções do corpo, como formação e manutenção de órgãos internos. O colágeno é essencial para uma pele saudável e macia. A camada de pele responsável por rugas é chamada de derme. A derme é composta de vasos sanguíneos, glândulas sebáceas e folículos pilosos. O colágeno é necessário para o suporte e a elasticidade dessa camada da pele.


A produção de colágeno diminui naturalmente com a idade. Além disso, a degeneração do colágeno que afeta a pele pode ser causada por fatores ambientais, como a exposição ao sol. Doenças do tecido conjuntivo, como febre reumática, artrite reumatóide e lúpus, também podem levar à degeneração do colágeno, diz HealthScout.


O grupo de colágeno que está relacionado com a pele apresenta sintomas de rugas, flacidez da pele e pele que são facilmente propensas a cicatrizes. Quando há uma deficiência de colágeno nos músculos, você experimenta dores musculares e dor. Além disso, uma deficiência de colágeno na cartilagem leva à dor nas articulações.


Se sua deficiência de colágeno está afetando sua pele, causando rugas e flacidez, ela pode ser tratada com injeções de colágeno. Injeções de colágeno envolvem a injeção de colágeno derivado de cadáver ou animal purificado sob a pele da área afetada. A deficiência de colágeno que afeta os órgãos pode ser tratada com suplementos de colágeno. Suplementos de colágeno estão disponíveis em forma líquida e pílula. Além disso, os suplementos de colágeno podem impedir o desenvolvimento de deficiências de colágeno. De acordo com os sintomas de Parkinson, vitamina C, zinco e bioflavonóides são essenciais na produção de colágeno. Sempre consulte seu médico antes de iniciar um regime de suplemento.


Medicamentos prescritos usados ​​para suplementação de colágeno podem ter efeitos colaterais. Suplementos de colágeno são produzidos a partir dos tecidos dos animais. Se você tem condições médicas pré-existentes ou é alérgico a certos animais, informe seu médico.

Animated Film “Guru Da Banda” to be Released Nationwide in August

Jalandhar, Punjab, Release: August 24, 2018. For Immediate Release

13 August 2018: Guru da Banda’ the story of legendary Sikh hero Banda Singh Bahadar will be soon in theaters. ‘Guru Da Banda’ is a 3D animated film and based on the story of Baba Banda Singh Bahadar. The film has been scheduled for release on 24 August 2018.

After a power pack 2-and-a-half-minute trailer of Jassi Chana’s first animated feature film on Story of legendary Baba Banda Sigh Bahadur, the film maker justifies his choice of subject by saying “Youth of India know very less about the achievements of Banda Singh Bahadur and how he fought for the rights of Sikh”.


The movie is based on the life The great warrior of Sikh history Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his struggle against the Mughal Empire. Banda Singh Bahadur, was a Sikh military commander who established a Sikh state with capital at Lohgarh. Armed with the blessings and authority of Guru Gobind Singh, he came to Khanda in Sonipat and assembled a fighting force and led the struggle against the Mughal Empire. He was the first Sikh military leader to wage an offensive war against the Mughal rulers of India, thereby temporarily extending Sikh territory.

The premiere of the Film, which is co-produced by Joginder Singh Bhangalia and SonuBhangalia, will take over the cinemas in Punjab on 24 August 2018. While the trailer is in Punjabi the movie will release in all over India and some Foreign countries.

The producers believe that they have found the perfect name for film and that people will love it. Additionally, the trailer has been designed to properly introduce people to the full story and they feel it will leave them wanting to see the entire film. As a movie showcases the story of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur the audience will come to know about a lot of unknown facts about the Great Warrior and the battle fought between him and Wazir Khan in 1709 which resulted in victory of Sikh.

To know more about the characters and to watch the trailer of the movie, visit film website www.gurudabanda.com.

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MD Omar Makki – Website Developer & Designer | Digital Marketing | SEO | SMM | Makki Brothers LTD.

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A new Centre of Data Excellence announced by Jigsaw Academy

9 August 2018, Bengaluru: India’s leading online analytics institute, Jigsaw Academy, recently announced the launch of its Centre of Data Excellence (C.O.D.E), an undertaking that aims to promote collaboration and innovation within the city’s booming Data Science community.

The ideal networking space will be served by the centre for industry professionals to catch up on the latest trends in AI, IOT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and more. It is currently Bengaluru’s only dedicated knowledge hub for specialists in Machine Learning and AI to meet, learn and exchange new ideas on their specialist subjects. To enable this confluence of ideas, Jigsaw Academy will be hosting a series of workshops, lectures and seminars on the latest advancements in data technology at the centre. They will be conducted by Jigsaw’s resident faculty, as well as a number of other high profile data experts from the community.

Jigsaw Academy inaugurated the centre with the launch of the 5th batch of the PGPDM course (Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning). A joint effort with the University of Chicago and IBM, PGPDM is considered to be one of India’s premium programs for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. The program has been conducted in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi in the past. The latest batch of students comes with a significant amount of work experience, and almost 70% of the students have been building their careers for 5 years or more.

C.O.D.E is located in the same premises as Jigsaw Academy’s head office, providing visitors with unparalleled access to the company’s expert faculty. The centre has also been designed to create a professional environment of the highest quality. Jigsaw Academy will release details of the events at C.O.D.E, as and when they are scheduled.


Centre of Data Excellence

4th Floor, Site No. 308

Above Domino’s Pizza

100ft Road, Indiranagar

Bengaluru – 560038

About Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy is a global award-winning online analytics and Big Data training provider, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Founded by the duo of Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti, Jigsaw Academy has helped over 45,000 students in 30+ countries build a successful career in analytics with their specialized industry oriented courses.

  • Ranked No. 1 for analytics training in India by Analytics India Magazine
  • 45,000+ students trained in over 30+ countries
  • 400+ years of combined faculty experience
  • 450 leading employers of analytics professionals
  • Largest digital content library for analytics and Big Data in the world
  • 15,000+ hours of learning content viewed in a month

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System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Users

Intuit Field Service Management is a web-based SaaS (software as a service) product that works seamlessly with US versions of QuickBooks Online (click here for QuickBooks Online system requirements) and QuickBooks desktop software, and also your field technician’s Apple or Android mobile devices.

System Requirements by Role

The Service Manager/Dispatcher role requires the following for the desktop/laptop environment:

  • Access to QuickBooks itself is not needed for this role
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher
  • Firefox 12 or higher
  • Google Chrome
  • 1024 by 768 Screen Resolution
  • At least 2 GHZ processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB available hard-disk space

The QuickBooks Administrator role requires the following in order to sync between IFSM and QB:

  • High speed Internet connection
  • 1024 by 768 Screen Resolution
  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise Desktop Software 15.0 or later running on Microsoft Windows 7 or later 32 or 64 bit excluding Windows Home Edition.
  • At least 2 GHZ processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available hard-disk space

The field technicians using our Mobile App:

  • Access to QuickBooks itself is not needed for this role
  • Data network connection
  • Apple devices — iOS 5.1.1 or later
  • Android devices — Android 2.2 or later

Quickbooks System requirements provides you the information needed to ensure your computer hardware, software, and operating system meet the minimum requirements for your version of QuickBooks Desktop Hosting. QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2017 and Enterprise 17.0 have been tested with the following firewall and antivirus products. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise will work with systems running RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) but this is not recommended because performance issues may cause QuickBooks to operate slowly.

Verify.Wiki Fought against WhatsApp Fake News and Prevented Two Disasters in Chennai

4  August 2018 (New Jersey) – When Verify.Wiki LLC, a start-up that fights against False News by a methodology called as “reverse virality “by combining crowd sourcing with social networking, noticed the recent lynching cases in India due to Fake WhatsApp messages, it immediately sprang into action. The company picked Chennai as a pilot city to check if it could avert another tragedy.

The company observed two doubted Fake News circulating through WhatsApp on July 13th, 2018, one asking people to punish a school teacher in Perambur, Chennai for hitting and kicking little children, and another circulating a young female doctor’s photo, claiming she was treating patients for free in Chennai. Both these posts went viral on WhatsApp and Facebook in Chennai.

An adviser and investor at Verify.Wiki who recently requested the company to help with the lethal False News crisis in India,Siva Nadarajah, says, “The team immediately kicked off the pilot. They first learnt that the video that became circulated was from a school in Egypt, recorded in 2014, not from Perambur, Chennai. The team also quickly exposed the other story about the doctor was also fake, circulated by a person who steals profile photos of young women from Facebook.”

As soon as the stories were proven to be fake via crowd sourced research, Verify.Wiki said its “reverse virality” methodology ensured the propagation of the False News was stopped within hours. With reverse virality, the corrected version of the False News, was propagated back through the same path the story originated, via WhatsApp and Facebook, targeting those who might have consumed the False News.

Siva Nadarajah said, “We were able to stop both the False News stories within a few hours. We also noticed the propagation of those two false stories completely stopping within 24 hours.”

Siva Nadarajah further added,”Imagine if Wikipedia and Facebook had a baby. You combine crowdsourcing with social networking. It’s so effective when it comes to transparency and credibility in fighting False News. We stopped seven False News stories just within two weeks of our pilot in Chennai. Some are harmless and some are deadly. The good thing is anyone can anonymously submit a suspected False News and everyone can participate in the verification activities. It’s a democratic process to fight against False News.”

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp recently took full page newspaper advertisements to aware people of Fake News spreading via WhatsApp, after lynching incidents killed dozens of people across India.

Media Contact:
Siva Nadarajah
Phone: 1-973-997-1697

Hp Technical Customer Support

We often face a lot of problems while using hp devices. Now, these including problems from printing to device drivers’ installation and other similar problems. Now, it isn’t always possible for us to solve this problem easily.

Moreover, if there is someone who doesn’t have much idea or knowledge on technical details then he or she might not be able to cope up with even the basic tech support required. So, hp is here to help its clients.

It is basically going to help all its customers with useful and knowledgeable content which can be easily shared with people and can help provide them with all kinds of HP tech support. We might not know the exact reason of the problems or any other kind of issues. But, only experts are specialized to deal with these problems.

For any kind of HP technical support one can reach out to the experts by calling at their HP Support number and then discussing the issues with them. They shall in turn help the clients to deal with all such kinds of issues without any trouble at all.

IMMACULATE HP TECHNICAL SUPPORT TO ALL YOUR HP ERRORS OFFERED BY OUR TECHNICIANS. If you have any query related to your problem you can directly contact on HP technical support number (+1-844- 585-4521).

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A New Watch Brand, Ralph Pierre, Launched by Incosi Fashions

Incosi fashions, an Indian Fast Fashion e-commerce company announced the launch of a new watch brand “Ralph Pierre” for Indian youth

Maharashtra, 1 August 2018: Incosi Fashions, an Indian fast fashion e-commerce company, set up with a vision of becoming world’s leading fast fashion and lifestyle technology company, launched a new range of watches.

Ralph Pierre is a fast fashion brand offering trendy watches catering to the youth. The collection comprises 10 watches divided under three categories – Actif, Bande and Sublime. These watches come with high performance features in trendy colors & designs.

Ralph Pierre is designed to bring stylish and premium quality fashion goods at aggressive prices for today’s youth. In addition to the looks and design, quality of the watches as well has been well defined.  Every watch in the Ralph Pierre collection comes with Citizen Miyota Movement and SONY batteries with a 3 years life period.

Fast Fashion is evolving as an aggressively growing set in the Indian Retail Sector. Indian fashion retail market has witnessed several significant changes in recent years, which speaks for country’s evolving fashion retail market. One of the most significant changes is advancing online retail or e-retail of fashion products across the country.

With the increased acceptance of smartphones and usage of the internet, the consumers’ alertness about international trends is increasing and consequently, they are looking the same. Due to the improved living standard and higher disposable income, today’s young consumers are eager to spend on the latest fashion trends at the best value prices.

Ralph Pierre bridges the gap between the quality and affordability in the fast fashion segment. It has been launched with watches for now and soon other fashion categories are to be added. With trendy international designs and aggressive pricing, Ralph Pierre provides a viable option to users to own quality trendy fashion goods at reasonable prices.

About Incosi Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

Incosi Fashions is an Indian Fast Fashion e-commerce company created by Fashion and Technology enthusiasts. It is a house of brands created with an aim to make innovative fashion and lifestyle technology products to fit all pockets. The current portfolio includes brands like Crossloop and Ralph Pierre that bring the latest technology fashion products at guilt-free prices. These two brands are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fashion & lifestyle technology in Indian Market.

Media Contact:
Shubham Khare