One Of The Best Night Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

Thrill begins from the very first moment you enter the desert and enjoy the welcome drinks upon arrival which are provided to the visitors. Thrilling activities in the desert keep your heart pumping for the entire day. Desert safari is located at a stone’s throw from the magnificent city where sandy shores and exciting activities amuse the lovers of nature. Major Highlights of the safari are the dance shows, sunset views, henna tattooing and BBQ dinner. This is the only safari which presents the sunset and sunrise views that take you to indulge in a never fading experience. Changing hues of the Sun & live dance shows in the desert that are performed near the bonfire fill you with ultimate delight. An opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery to make the moment alive for lifetime. The traditional and cultural activities in the golden sand ensure a never ending fun under the stars and near bonfire. Campsite huts are arranged for the stay in the desert safari dubai which are decorated beautifully with cushions and carpets. To sink you in delight, the desert safari dubai is really the best where sleeping bags and blankets are also provided to the visitors. Desert safari Dubai is really a world’s most famous activity where magnificent landscapes give pleasant tours to all the visitors. Spending a night under the sparkling stars in the Arabian Desert gives a really enthralling enjoyment with many activities such as camel ride Dubai, safari ride, quad biking Dubai, Belly dance and dune bashing Dubai. Start your journey in the land cruiser to enjoy the sumptuous meal, traditional performances and dune bashing. Gripping into the spectacular scenery in the golden sand of the desert gives a unique experience with the photographic opportunities, Arabian beverages, BBQ dinner and lots of fun that surely cheer-up your mood. A magnificent place that takes you to lose yourself in the amazing fun and thrill with wide variety of Flora and Fauna.


The Dubai deserts are some of the most visited deserts of the world because of their unique attractions for the tourists. The Desert Safari Dubai is the amazing thing to enjoy among all other attractions in Dubai. Desert safari Dubai is especially designed for the people who love the nature and star nights. The desert environment has its own attraction and charm. You will get involved fully in the desert life when you are there with us. Normally, this trip is designed for the group of four to six people to enhance the excitements in the trip. Your trip is planned with the experienced drivers to guide you on every step of your journey in the desert. You will experience the sandy dunes and the catchy sandy hills during this trip. The special desert jeeps turn your journey a fun for you.

One Of The Best Night Desert Safari Dubai

Activities during the Desert Safari Dubai


Night Desert Safari Dubai


Dune Bashing: A pleasant experience of enjoying dune buggy safari i the amazing dune bashing in the desert where enjoyment starts from the first moment. Sliding up and down in the golden sand which is the most exciting activity. The thrilling activity must be avoided by the persons having back pain.



Quad Biking: Quad Biking is the thrilling activity which is liked by the lovers of adventure. Ride a bike in the golden sand of the Desert really gives you an enthralling experience.


One Of The Best Night Desert Safari Dubai

Camel Riding: An exciting experience of riding in the sand by sitting on the back of the camels which are called the ship of the desert. The stunning activity takes rider to explore the fun in the desert.


Belly Dance: Belly Dance is a western style dance which is performed by the female dancers. Popular Belly dance gives a pleasant and memorable experience to the riders.


Tanoura Dance:  Tanoura dance is a traditional folk dance of the Arabian Desert which is performed by men, wearing colorful skirts. In this dance, a senior dancer performs in the middle that seems like a moon and the juniors dance around the main dancer.



Shisha piping: Savoir the enhanced shisha channeling for the astounding knowledge amid the forsake safari.


BBQ dinner: Taste the delicious BBQ dinner which is arranged for you during Desert safari. Enjoy the Arabian dishes with the live dance performances under the stars.



Henna tattooing: Henna tattooing is the popular activity of the desert that gives an amazing experience of enjoying in Dubai. Henna tattooing is available at most of the spa centers and the malls in Dubai but it contains high charges.


Sun rise and sunset view: During the desert safari dubai, the best opportunity for the lovers of nature to enjoy the amazing sunset and sunrise views. Observe the golden sand of the desert with changing hues. In the morning, enjoy the hot air balloon flights which is organised very early to give the thrilling experience by hovering over the golden sand.



Photography: An opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery of the desert in the traditional Arabian costumes with a falcon on your arms.


Falconry show: Hawks are the principle winged creatures of UAE and this forsake safari takes you to watch the Falcons, see their natural surroundings, exercises and prey.

One Of The Best Night Desert Safari Dubai


If you are looking for the best Dubai tourism companies provide Desert Safari Dubai tip with the expert guides and skilled drivers, no need to go ahead. You are with the experts now. We know you want best Desert safari Dubai experience at cheapest possible rates. Moreover, you don’t want to compromise on quality o service and don’t want to miss anything from your trip. Unlike the other companies that offer cheap rates for Desert safari Dubai by excluding many of the adventurous things from their package, we offer the full package at budget friendly rates. Our commitment with our clients is to provide top quality services at competitive market price. In today’s cutthroat competitive business environment, it is always difficult to find out the company with the customer oriented approach. Our service history shows that we have hundreds of referred customers in Dubai that depicts the level of satisfaction of our customers with our quality services. We want you to be one of them.

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai Deals with Quad Bike and Belly Dance

Desert Safari Dubai

One evening was our Desert Safari. Our caravan of 8 jeeps headed deep into the desert for some “dune bashing”. Our driver Ahend careened like a drunken sailor at sea over the steepest dunes. As I screamed, he chatted on his cell phone.

We arrived to a tented camp oasis for dining and dancing under the stars, like the Arabian tale of 1001 Nights. My favorite time was spent on our leisure day with its endless options. The majority of our group went skiing in the morning and swam the crystal clear Gulf beaches in the afternoon. The water was so bath warm, they could have brought soap.

Terry and I began our day at Mall of the Emirates, world’s largest mall with 1563 stores and Ski Dubai. Envision a 25 story mountain of 6 acres under one roof with 5 ski runs and chairlifts. Machines hidden in the ceiling drop 3 inches of snow daily. Winter gear is included in the nominal entrance fee. It was 32 degrees inside and 102 outside.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals with Quad Bike and Belly Dance

Later I fulfilled my travel dream of dining at the famed Burj Hotel, the iconic 7 star masterpiece shaped like a sail and set on its own artificial island. It had been closed to tourists for months to give its billionaire guests privacy. We were fortunate now to get a reservation for lunch, albeit at an unheard of 3 figure price. Entering the lobby was like standing inside a kaleidoscope. The eateries gourmet spread of flavorful treats surpassed my desire and will never be overlooked. It was Terry’s birthday and toward the finish of our feast, a masterpiece cake was watchfully introduced to him. The chocolate mousse explosion with figs and berries was layered with thick sheets of Go diva.

We then flew to Egypt on award winning Emirates Airlines. We felt like the Jetson’s traveling back in time to this land of Cleopatra. I’ve always enjoyed the chaos of Cairo, world’s largest capital city of 17 million. All was eased when we checked into the deluxe 5 star Sofitel Hotel.

I’m guessing this was my 9th visit to Cairo and this one provided the most outstanding guide ever. Hany has obtained tourism awards and is the current president of Egypt’s Tour Guide Union. He intended to educate us in a crash course of Egyptology 101 but did so with such an entertaining style that brought things to life before our eyes.

A full day was spent at Giza viewing the only remaining wonder of the 7 World Wonders. It is written, “The world fears time, but time fears the pyramids.” We were allowed to enter one of the pyramids built around 2500bc to see the burial chamber. Another day we toured the Egyptian Museum, inarguably one of the world’s greatest, crammed with over 100,000 antiquities. Hany enthusiastically performed a skit with members of our group to ensure we understood exactly the story to King Tut and what we were viewing. The crowning jewel was the Royal Mummy Rooms which exhibits 11 bodies of kings and queens.

In our free time, we intentionally got lost in Khan Khalili Bazaar. “The khan” is a crazy maze of souks where one can haggle over anything from hookah pipes to bras. We all said our goodbyes during a farewell sailing by felucca on the Nile.

There was much more included on this one trip to two different “worlds.” In Dubai, we experienced magical affects in a new land with a vision that knows no end.

In Cairo, we gained knowledge, virtual knowledge of civilizations past. Each place indulged our five senses. We were aspiring “citizens of the world” who felt most welcomed in those Islamic lands. As we boarded our departing flight, Belinda said to me, “I feel like its Christmas. My carry on is filled with gold, frankincense and mir.” Another journey well done.

Experience changing scenes as you abandon the high rises and activity of the city for a really one of a kind involvement in the baffling, wandering sand ridges of the Dubai Desert and all that it brings to the table.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals with Quad Bike and Belly Dance

A Desert Safari Dubai is by a long shot the most well known traveler movement that Dubai brings to the table its guests. Just a short drive out of the city, this entertainment offers experienced able hill bashing, a hypnotizing Dubai abandon nightfall, masterful henna painting, fun and safe camel rides in the leave campground, a charming hip twirl and tanoura appear, crisp and great b.b.q. supper, sheesha (organic product enhanced water pipe) and every one of the wonderful qualities of the Arabian culture in one Dubai Desert Safari trip. While you’re on a Dubai Desert Safari , quad safari , dune buggy safari , camel safari, you can even attempt on Arabic clothing for an extraordinary photograph opportunity.

Quad Biking Dubai

A trek is inadequate without a Desert Safari Dubai. You can likewise encounter Arabia in one half day excursion to the leave for making a memory paramount. Dubai leave safari is one of the best 10 MUST DO exercises in the United Arab Emirates. It is a drawing in encounter which has been a noteworthy want in the tourism business and developing since the most recent couple of decades. With Rikks visits we offer the best visit as we have our in house administration and staff dealing with our clients which guarentees greatness. Our group for Desert Safari Dubai makes a point to our shoppers that they will experience the way of life of UAE firmly through this trek, living the convention of the country. In the wake of review the solid greatness of Dubai, the visit to Desert Safari Dubai will give you a visual, similar to that of a flawless photograph post card see, of the rhythimic waves drawnr, on the sand with delicate breeze, and nightfall with a sight of camels crossing the betray smoothly.

Alongside your unwinding get-away If you need to appreciate and encounter something loaded with bold than you should go for

ATV Quad Biking Dubai visit. The fun exciting ride on the delicate sand rises would give a lifetime significant affair.


No experience of riding a quad bike is principal as getting ready will be given by our refined gathering, however in this way, there is continually bold choice for a valiant rider to deal with through the testing desert an area. Our totally customized quad bikes with choice judgments are basic and pleasant to ride. Standard quad biking session is 15 minutes, though longer session is made available on request additional charges. Dependent upon your necessities, this spurn trip will in like manner cover a segment of the not to miss abandon works out, for instance, camel riding , quad biking dubai and sand boarding.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals with Quad Bike and Belly Dance

One of the features of your visit to the UAE is going to the Dubai Desert Safari. We at Ricks Desert safari furnish you with the finest experience of the legacy, advantages of the rises and sunsets of the Middle Eastern scene. From camel rides, to filling your platter with customary Arabic nourishment, we cover everything that you would need to encounter nearest to the way of life of UAE. Henna painting for the women, unrecorded music and hip twirling, including an opportunity to experiment with the outfits of our nearby culture, to get extraordinary snaps for your photograph collection. Ridge bashing and sand boarding are a portion of the energizing exercises to understanding for the individuals who adore and Adeline surge.


After nightfall, your night experience will be spectacular as should be obvious alternate acclaimed social moves, for example, the Tanoura move and fire move. An excellent supper under the stars with your friends and family would finish up the wonderful end of your night at Dubai Desert Safari while tourism company in dubai strolling past the frosty and calming sands of the Arabian land back to the drop off vehicle. We have been giving this brilliance to our clients effectively since the previous decades and guarantee to keep it consistent and continually enhance administrations for you.


Desert Safari Dubai Deals with Quad Bike and Belly Dance

Enjoy Arabian Tours Dubai With Quad Bike and Belly Dance

Arabian Desert Safari Dubai

Since start of my Dubai trip I got the opportunity to find out about Desert Safari. Numerous individuals around encouraged to go for this on end of the week. My initial two weeks (and clearly ends of the week) went in settling down, burrowing down venture subtle elements (normally that was first need!!) and getting used to plan. Thus initial two ends of the week I spent in Hotel room settling down and cementing the venture scope, limits and documentation stuff.


In the first place seven day stretch of December ’07, everything about task was clear and I was prepared to go out n N’joy. I chose to snatch the principal opportunity; this end of the week was 3 days in length. I laid on first day. Second day morning I ringed up movement operator office and booked the safari situate. I was holding up excitedly till evening since safari was booked to start at 4 pm. Driver ringed up around 2.45 in twelve, significantly sooner than booked time of 3.30 pm. Driver, Amin Mohammed; a run of the mill Arabian person, 6 feet in tallness, wearing customary Arabic outfit was holding up down the stairs with his huge plushy Land cruiser for me. Taking a gander at the Car itself I speculated my outing would have been a standout amongst other voyaging encounters I at any point had.


We began our excursion in the wake of completing “presentation service” with each other. In the mean time 4 more individuals went along with us for visit. Being first to be gotten I had snatched the front seat in arrive cruiser which later turned out to be to be the best place in Safari. With front seat you get the reasonable huge perspective of abandon before you and the most obvious opportunity to shoot video and great pictures of different autos in “cafila” also. Additionally you get a chance to interface with driver effortlessly to know all the more wherever required.

Enjoy Arabian Tours Dubai With Quad Bike and Belly Dance


I began irritating Mohammed with questions: “Where are we going? What is the name of the place?” Mohammed could talk approve English if not great. AL Awir was the name of the place we were going by. 30 Kms from Dubai, this is where genuine betray begins and extends it’s limits up to far parts of UAE and touches OMAN.


We achieved the place after 30 minutes travel on thruway. It was a little break of 10 minutes at base camp for this visit coordinator where around 10 arrive cruisers got together to begin the real DESERT RIDE. The tire weight of autos was lessened to adapt up to delicate quality of the sand.


The land cruiser began cruising in abandon against massive protection being made by non-abrasiveness of sand. Before long the massive machine got fast with its quality and we were riding on abandon sands here and there, on little n enormous waves, jumping profound from best of the waves and moving up little sand slopes. It was by and large decent experience alongside bit of fervor. The main thing I missed was; I couldn’t drive the machine myself!


After quad bike dubai safari long we achieved the abandon resort where supper and hip twirl demonstrate was masterminded. Welcome drink was Traditional “Kahwa” and tea. Kahwa is kind of dark espresso. Me being espresso crack, appreciated 4 – 5 measures of Kahwa w/o sugar in 2 hours length. Individuals began unwinding a bit and went for mehandi and “SASHA”. Sasha is customary Arabian seasoned smoking channel like Indian HUKKA.


Following a hours time, Arabian style barbecued chicken and meat kebab were served alongside some Indian veg nourishment. I was amazed to see the overwhelming utilization of Indian nourishment over western and Arabian sustenance. Indeed, even Rajma Rice and Dal was accessible!!

Belly Dance in Desert Camp Dubai

Thirty minutes traveled by, people were loosening up after dinner and Belly Dancer’s entrance was pronounced and in a flash, even before people would start to grasp what’s happening; the paunch craftsman arrived before a crowd of people wearing splendid red Arabian stomach suit and she really astounded the stage.


A safari inspires a nostalgic photo of a development transversely finished unsettled areas and mountains. Earlier safaris were by strolling, however now the forefront safari is regularly driven by a 4 wheeled driven vehicle land cruiser and dune buggy dubai in desert. The betray safari is another transformation of the deep rooted safari and is just as energizing. Specifically the city of Dubai offers abandon safari that is fundamentally a movement through the sand hills.

Enjoy Arabian Tours Dubai With Quad Bike and Belly Dance

The leave is an infertile territory made of sand and little hillocks called rises. These rises have a characteristic in that they are not static and continue moving with the heading of solid breezes. While moving in the double-cross clean tempests are really ordinary and around then deceivability can be diminished to zero. In this way there is a need of a remarkable 4×4 wheeled vehicle. Generally tin Dubai the Toyota arrive cruiser is to a great degree ordinary. The vehicle is large and with AC on does not get warmed in the hot leave.


While you are in Dubai you can book a forsake safari with any of the umpteen visit managers open. All visit heads who run the Dubai leave safaris take after set course and organization. You will never-endingly be gotten from your hotel or place of remain. This is early in the day and you will be a piece of a gathering of six who all movement together.

Each one of the vehicles gather at a starting stage. If all else fails no single vehicle is allowed to go out into the sell out. It can be unsafe as confuse can cost you your life. Thusly a whole team moves together. This is an energizing learning and generally the sell out safari will drive on in the spurn and meet on a camel develop.You would then be able to have a short ride on the camel. and furthermore observe in the matter of how camels are reared.

Enjoy Arabian Tours Dubai With Quad Bike and Belly Dance


The hip twirl flags the finish of the safari which can take from 5 to 6 hours which provide best tourism companies in dubai. They are by and large evaluated between $ 50 to $65 per individual. This cost incorporates get and drop, sustenance and refreshment and also camel rides, and utilization of Henna and Mehandi for the remote ladies. All things considered it is a fascinating excursion.


Enjoy Arabian Tours Dubai With Quad Bike and Belly Dance

Arabian Adventures Dubai Camel Safari

Camel Safari in Dubai


Before Die You Must Visit Dubai

Dubai one of the luxury and beautiful city in the world. Million of people come to Dubai for tour,honeymoon,business,investment.etc so there are many tourism companies in dubai  provide best services in dubai for tourist.

Camel safari in Dubai is the most ideal approach to meander through the endless levels, antiquated religious communities, snow-topped pinnacles, and exuberant streams. You will be amazed to hear that camel safari is performed in the driving rain deserts of Dubai too!

The best time to appreciate camel riding is in the periods of July, August and September.

Vacationers can appreciate the delicate enterprise of camel safari in Dubai. You will get an opportunity to investigate the tough mountain landscape while riding on a camel; which will influence you to feel far separated from the earth.


The camels of Dubai will take you to the high height passes, picturesque valleys, and antiquated exchange courses which associate Himalayan area to China, Tibet and different spots. Before riding on camel, you have to take in the exercise in careful control and get used to the developments of camel, when you are on a ride.


The savage and extraordinary picture of this icy leave lays the experience of investigating the delightful scene and section through remote towns. Vacationers can appreciate outdoors in tents, and experience spending the night under the stars!


While riding on camels, you will investigate the beguiling towns of Nubra Valley, an interesting spot. It has the profoundly differentiated the scene, which promptly change from prolific green apricot fields to a dry Saharan Desert-like landscape with snow-topped crests out there.


In Nubra, you can locate a little populace of the shaggy twofold bumped Bactrian camels, which in the past times were utilized as pack creatures on the Central Asian exchange course. Today guests to Nubra utilize these creatures for going on camel safaris. The primary populace focuses are Deskit and Hunder.


From Leh, you drive to Hunder, and take a camel ride through the sand ridges and beautiful valleys to Diskit, from that point a short ride will take you to Tegger town for another charming camel ride along the stream to Pinchimic.

Arabian Adventures Dubai Camel Safari

The all encompassing perspective of the valleys, towns and Buddhist Compass will charm you. Travelers can investigate the town called Panamic – the last leg of Camel Safari.


Dubai is outstanding for its unique magnificence, which can be treasured minus all potential limitations with twofold bumped camel ride. It is an affair that you won’t have the capacity to overlook as long as you can remember!

This stunning visit will begin at a young hour toward the beginning of the day from your lodging. We will drive to the betray in a cutting edge auto and you simply need to unwind and appreciate the dune buggy dubai safari  and camel ride. This safari divulges the intriguing scene, greenery, fauna and the rich past of Bedouin life. ​


After achieving the forsake, be prepared to encounter the delightful abandon scene from a camel’s back – camels are know as a leave transportation. ​​You can request that your visit manage take some magnificent photographs and recordings of your camel ride, so you can recall forget this extraordinary minutes. You will ride the camel for around 20 minutes and that will be an exceptional memory for you.



Get from your inn or living arrangement in Dubai


30 minutes quad biking


Camel ride upon ask for with extra charges


Sand boarding upon ask


Drop back to your lodging or home in Dubai


Arabian Adventures Dubai Camel Safari

Security is our first concern so we give all the essential direction on the best way to ride the bicycle on the sand rises and than you would have the capacity to assume responsibility of your completely programmed ATV Quad Bike in the wonderful betray.

Dubai Desert is one of the spots that you can’t get the opportunity to visit regularly in your life, it is extremely an uncommon shot you will get and you should have it without limitations. Your recollections here ought to be flawless and consistently gleaming in your brain as well. To make your memory amazing we offer you various livens in our Dubai Camel Safari Tour:


Treat Camping


Nightfall photography


Free Henna planning


Free tea, espresso and soda pops constantly


Free Arabic dress photograph shoot in light of accessibility


Hip twirl appear


Tanoura appear


Isolate restroom office



At the point when the sun is going to rise, we will visit the tent set up in the leave and appreciate the morning sparkle of dawn. Amid the dawn you will taste Arabian Coffee (Kahwa) and dates. After dawn you will keep riding the camel for around 20 minutes and afterward we will go to the Bedouin camp. There you will have an opportunity to photos with hawk.


Arabian Adventures Dubai Camel Safari

ATV Dubai Tours

ATV Dubai Tours

ATV Dubai Tours

Dubai, the biggest and the most happening city of the United Arab Emirates, is known for its colossal framework, top of the line shopping areas and nightlife. What it additionally gloats of is a lively enterprise sports scene, in light of a one of a kind leave biological community. Here, you can appreciate exciting games like forsake safari, ridge bashing, sand boarding and quad biking and end your day with a rich dinner at a ultra-present day betray desert garden. Quad biking has turned out to be a standout amongst the most mainstream enterprise dons in Dubai and with         Safari Dubai. Here are a portion of the things you may get a kick out of the chance to know before sharing in this thrilling background.
A quad bicycle, otherwise called an All Terrain Vehicle or ATV, is a three or four wheeler engine vehicle with low weight tires and handlebars for route. As the name proposes, ATVs are intended to be perfect with assorted and out of reach territories. Subsequently, they are broadly utilized by militaries to get to scenes containing earth, rock, sand, snow and shake among others. They are likewise broadly utilized as recreational and experience vehicles, with Quad Cross races occurring in numerous areas around the globe. Star quad bike safari riders can display insane traps and bounces with their vehicles, and simply watching them arrange probably the most troublesome territories on the planet is a treat in itself.
The primary Quadra cycles were really presented by Royal Enfield in 1893. Most current quad Bikes and dune buggy have four stroke motors that go up to 500 cc limit, and by and large fall in two classifications – game and utility. Game quad Bikes have a tendency to be two wheel drive with the drive shaft appended to the back wheel, while utility ATVs have a tendency to have four wheel drive that offer more proficient route crosswise over landscapes. Game quad Bikes are additionally lighter in correlation and can accomplish a higher greatest speed, which is around 130 to 150 km/h. ATVs by cruiser makers Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are very mainstream crosswise over classes. The 700 cc Yamaha Raptor 700 is one of the main top of the line ATVs underway. ATVs can have both manual and in addition programmed transmission.

ATV Dubai Tours
The ATV can do things totally unbelievable on a bike. Due to the additional adjust of the four wheels, the substantial surface zone and distance across of the levels and move over insurance, ATVs can climb rocks, arrange trenches and sloppy territory and even surf on betray sand.

ATV Dubai Tours

Dubai is the ideal place to go quad biking among other betray undertakings like camel safaris, ridge bashing and sand boarding on account of its nearness to probably the most notorious sand rises in the Emirates. Dubai’s most renowned sand ridges are known as the Big Red, attributable to the regular red shade of the sand because of abundance press oxide content. The gigantic 300 feet high sand ridge is a pleasure for the enterprise sports devotee and a safe house for everything engine don and motocross, for instance the colossal UAE Desert Challenge. It is anything but difficult to organize visits in 4x4s, sand trailers, ridge surreys and quad Bikes around there with a considerable measure of authorized sellers providing vehicles, types of gear and visit guides for help. Moreover, on outfitting the correct licenses, you can lease quad Bikes by the hour and investigate the betray without anyone else and with your companions.
You can likewise design a two day schedule which incorporates investigating the abandon and enterprise exercises amid the day and a rich supper in a betray camp finish with outfitted tents and excitement like hip twirling around evening time. For more bad-to-the-bone enterprise devotees, there are numerous riding groups that offer entire day trip into the more profound parts of the betray. The best part about quad biking in Dubai is that you are never too far from human progress, with the city of Dubai dependably inside access.
Quad biking can be nerve wracking and elating for tenderfoots and specialists alike, and one reason is that you genuinely are avoiding risk while sharing in this game. It is in this manner vital to play it safe before you set out upon your ride.

Dubai ATV Tours
The base age prerequisite for solo quad biking is 15 years.
Make a point to wear all the defensive gear including a cap, crash cushions and defensive glasses. Being sandblasted over your face isn’t a wonderful ordeal.
Ensure that the quad bicycle is in a decent shape. Request oil and fuel check and a trial to assess the brakes and the transmission framework.
Quad biking in the forsake is altogether different from riding a quad biking dubai out and about in view of the way the tires grasp the surface. If there should arise an occurrence of quad biking, the vehicle as a general rule drifts sideways through the territory instead of being pushed ahead because of footing. This needs a specific measure of getting used to on the bicycle and it is vital to begin moderate in the event  of Green House Tours that you are an amateur.

ATV Dubai Tours

ATV Bikes in Dubai

ATV Bikes in Dubai

ATV Bikes in Dubai


Dubai is the perfect place to go quad biking dubai among other relinquish endeavors like camel safaris, rise bashing and sand boarding in light of its region to unquestionably the most infamous sand ascends in the Emirates. Dubai’s most commended sand slopes are known as the Big Red, inferable from the normal red shade of the sand due to plenitude squeeze oxide content. The enormous 300 feet high sand slope is a delight for the experience sports enthusiast and a haven for all things motor sport and motocross, for example the goliath UAE Desert Dubai Safari Challenge.

It is anything but difficult to orchestrate visits in 4x4s, sand trailers, ridge surreys and quad bicycles here with a great deal of authorized sellers providing vehicles, types of gear and tour guides for help. Furthermore, on outfitting the correct licenses, you can lease quad bicycles by the hour and investigate the leave alone and with your companions.

The immense deserts of Dubai are world well known and in this manner sightseers surge to Dubai to try new experience exercises on the expansive sand rise.

Such an invigorating and enthusing movement is at the tip of your finger now and it is nothing else than an elating ATV ride on the sea of sand.

ATV is an engine vehicle which can be utilized on rough terrain particularly on sandy regions and it has colossal haggles tires with flexible tire bars

The search for the perfect outdoor adventure has come to an end, as quad biking comes in mind. It is the greatest getaway on four wheels ever invented. Traverse amazing trails and scenic nature spots similar to those of mountain biking and hiking but with less physical strain. As a search for a new adventure ends, the hunt for the perfect location for an equally perfect adventure begins. Looking for a perfect quad biking location is not rocket science. Australia is a realm with an abundance of quad trails that you can fulfill your adventure dreams on. Here are some great Australian locations where you can ride a quad.

ATV Bikes in Dubai

  ATV Bikes in Dubai

  1. Cairns, Tropical North Queensland. Rainforest trails with rolling terrain, water traps and challenging slopes await adrenalin hungry quad bikers. Go full throttle as you bask in nature’s splendor.
  2. Glen worth Valley, Hinterland Region, NSW. It’s Australia’s largest outdoor adventure center where quad biking is at its best. Fully automatic quads are used for absolute ease in handling. For a 1.5 hour trip though the best untouched wilderness of green dells and rainforests of over 15kms long. A bonus that comes in the form of a confidence training course is inset to provide you a feel of what the trails are actually like before you burn rubber on them.
  3. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Trail blaze on the edge of a mountain, passing through forest after forest to end up with a captivating view of surrounding mountain ranges without that tedious walk. Dirt lovers will absolutely go delirious on this location as a grand finale of absolute “dirt” (muddy) road becomes your trail’s finale.
  4. Kangaroo Island. Australia’s premier wildlife destination is also the perfect setting for a quad bike adventure. The captivating Vivienne Bay provides 500 acres of interesting trails. Covered mostly by bush lands, you get to commune with kangaroos and other fauna in their own environment. Quad rides Dubai are open to both drivers and passengers.
  5. Grampians, Victoria. Guided quad bike tours on the massive 410 acre located at the foot of Grampian Ranges. Fresh from the factory Honda TRX 4 wheelers will take you through the most breathtaking Australian bush lands. It is an absolute thrill on a full throttle with lots of photo ops.
  6. Adelaide, SA. Fire up your weekend with Melee Park quad rides. Fully automatic 150cc quads are perfect for every member of the family. This location has something for everyone. With mini quad bikes that can accommodate children as young as 9 years old, Malee Park is designed for wholesome family fun, with some flat to rolling terrains.
  7. Alice Springs, NT. It is the outback quad adventure that you have always dreamed of. A full throttle safari may just be what you need to get away from the city hustle and bustle with the East MacDonnell Ranges as your backdrop.
  8. Nelson Bay, NSW. Adrenalin packed quad bike tours that traverse across magnificent sand dunes with levels available for beginner to advance. Large coastal sand masses and towering dunes provide an adrenalin pumping challenge to any adventure seeker.
  9. Kookaburra, Bridport, Tasmania. Bush lands at Bridgeport provide great views as you enjoy the power of a quad ride. Hidden gullies are a treat to traverse in and open pastures are refreshing as riders are allowed more freedom as compared to tag along tours.
  10. Kalgoorlie, WA. Get that chance to traverse the Paris Dakar of the Asia Pacific Region. Adventure tours give you that opportunity to ride on one of the most challenging tracks in the world.

Quad Bike Dealers

Dubai ATV

Dubai ATV

Dubai ATV

Dubai is a land of adventures. Most of the tourists end up thinking that Dubai is only about spending a leisure time at luxurious malls and record breaking hotels, but this is not the case. There is a lot more to do in Dubai than just spending time under the limelight of flamboyance. This land surrounded by beautiful golden deserts is a home to some of the best desert adventures and experiences in the world. If you are planning to visit Dubai, you must have definitely heard about the evening desert safari in Dubai. To enlighten you more about it, a desert safari is a day or overnight tour to the deserts where you get to enjoy a lot of thrilling and rejuvenating activities which are one of their kind. One of the best activities which will satisfy the adventure hippie inside you is Quad biking in the deserts.

If you are making a tour plan for your Dubai trip, make sure to include a Quad Biking ,  Dubai Safari and camel safari to your list. Here is something more you need to know about this amazing activity.

Quad biking is a thrilling ride in a specially designed desert vehicle. This bike is designed to ride on the bumpy sand dunes of the deserts of Dubai to give you the perfect adrenaline rush. Once you are taken to the Quad biking desert spot, you will be briefed with safety instructions. After you wear all the safety gear and know how to exactly ride the mighty Quad beast, you will be given a control of this fully automatic vehicle. The guide who is with you will guide through the way and make sure you get the best out of the ride. The minimum age to ride a Quad bike is 15 years and above.

A Quad biking costs anything between AED 250 to AED 450. The costs entirely depend on the kind of activities offered on the safari. If you want to have a luxury Quad bike safari, you can get it arranged at extra costs. A Quad biking safari lasts for around half an hour for the ride, and rest of the time is reserved for other activities. Depending on the terms and conditions of your tour operator, you can even have a Quad biking ride more than one time, if feel like enjoying it a little more. To get the best desert safari Dubai along with a Quad biking ride at the cheapest price, check different discount packages offered by reputed tour operators. Other amazing activities at the desert safari Dubai quad biking are dinner at the desert camp, Belly dance and tanoura dance performances, delicious BBQ dinners and some more exciting and fun activities like camel rides and sand boarding.

Data tag and data tool have been around in the motorcycle industry for many years and with great success returning 100’s of machines back to their rightful owners. But just because the advertised in the motorcycle sector it doesn’t mean that the system will not work on Quad Bikes or ATV’s for that matter. Any item of value can be data aged which means that even Buggies and Manicottis could be tagged too.

Data tag were started in the 1990’s with the thought of making a reduction in theft and placing the bias back into the owners hands. The system was designed with a small transmitter that would be buried onto a machine and then could be picked up if scanned by someone who had a receiver. These receivers were only available to police forces. So should the police have cause to scan a vehicle like a motorcycle or agricultural machinery then even if the identification on the machine had been removed then the transmitter/transponder would send the correct signal back to the receiver confirming the identity of the item.

Only recently a piece of plant and machinery that was hired from an A-Plant Hire Centre in the DUBAI. The skid-steer was stolen from the midlands and quickly shipped from the DUBAI to Gibraltar and then carried across the Mediterranean Sea and down through the Suez Canal to Oman where it was unloaded and trucked into Sharjah, in the UAE.

DUBAI police worked tirelessly with international authorities making sure that the vehicle was kept under surveillance until they arrived. The men that were caught in possession of the vehicle were quickly arrested and charged with handling stolen goods. The data tag system was used to give clarification to the police that the item was in fact the one stolen from the Dubai.

Dubai ATV

The data-tag system can be placed on any expensive item and is recommended by most leading insurance companies in the DUBAI for Plant and Machinery as well as Motorcycles and Quad Biking Dubai. There is a substantial discount package available to people who have Data tag installed on to their machines and this is then transferred to a new owner should the vehicle ever been sold.

Dubai ATV

Unfortunately these systems are not like some of the conventional tracking devices that can be moved from one vehicle to another and have complete permanent fixture to the vehicle once installed.

i-Track is a PGS based system which again is fitted by Data tool DUBAI. The system much like any other in it’s class will show up an a screen if you ever need to find your machine if it has been stolen. As well as this it uses the mobile GSM Global Network via the misting system. This allows track to constantly confirm the whereabouts of the machine as a secondary confirmation.

Below you will find some of the key areas that Data tag have insisted are big selling points with their system and, knowing the GPS market I would agree that everything seems to be covered.

Probably the smallest and most compact commercial tracking system available increasing options for covert fitment.

Rechargeable internal battery back up in case the main power supply is disconnected i.e. the vehicle battery.

track will advise if vehicle battery or internal battery level is running low keeping your vehicle covered at all times.

The most advanced movement detection system immediately alerts Data tag in case of unauthorized movement.

Automatically sets a “Geographical Fence” or “Invisible Security Fence” around the vehicle and raises an alarm if the vehicle or property leaves this secure area without consent or permission.

Lower battery drain than any other system currently on the market.

And looking at all of those Unique Selling Points I’m sure you would feel pretty confident that should your Quad Bike or ATV ever go missing, that you would be paired up again very soon.

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Mud and waterproof – capable of working in the harshest of conditions means it’s ideal for Quads, Agra, MX Bikes, ATV’s and  Dune Buggy safari.

Dubai ATV


Dubai Excursions

Dubai Excursions

Dubai Excursions

To incorporate some essential venture into your crusade, you ought to moreover endeavor the Desert Safari. You can essentially get a chance to gain the particular kind of Bedouin presence. You can contact a presumed inbound tourism specialist co-op to organize transportation for your stunning desert safari.


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A forsake safari is a standout amongst the most recommended journeys amid your visit. It can furnish you with a lifetime encounter in the event that you contract the correct visit administrator. You should accumulate data about their administration offered, offices gave and the incorporations in a bundle before you begin. Similarly appreciated and adored by youthful, grown-ups and kids, there are bunches of fun and delight on a leave safari. Riding the best autos over the undulating sand hills you will be hypnotized while making the most of your pleasure ride. Aside from it, you can have some good times of sand skiing on the warm sand ridges. Riding on a camel safari, dune buggy dubai and overnight outdoors will give you an essence of outlandish Arabian night.


Offices Provided To You


You will be gotten from your place of remain by a driver drove the lavish auto to the beginning stage. A 4×4 vehicle will sit tight for you, driven by a profoundly gifted driver, to ride the good and bad times of the ceaseless sand hills. Ceasing on one of the most noteworthy sand rises, you can appreciate the great perspective of the setting sun. Before long you will be escorted to the campground where a rich smorgasbord supper alongside BBQ will sit tight for you to savor and unwind. You can appreciate camel riding, quad bike safari , henna painting and taking photographs in conventional Arabic ensembles amid this period while you watch gut and Tanoura moving.

Dubai Excursions

Book Your Tour Wisely

You can choose from a variety of packages for a Desert Safari. There are overnight desert safaris, morning safaris as well as safaris in the evenings. Depending on your choice and preference, you can choose any one from them. Make sure that you book your tour with a government registered and a trusted tour operator only. As you are a stranger, you may not know the rules and regulations and will surely not want your operator to guide you during your trip.

Be Guided To Pleasure

Other benefits that you enjoy when you book your trip with a recognized and reputed tour operator are that they go out of their way to give you the maximum satisfaction, which is their prime objective. They provide personalized care and attention all through the trip to make you feel at home and relaxed. They explain everything on your way about the desert, its surroundings, and history so that you do not miss out on anything during your trip.

It’s always a dream to pay a visit once in life to Dubai which is one of the exciting tourist places. The beautiful sights of this ultimate tourist destination will encourage you to visit this city again and again..

It is for the most part seen to be an uncommon goal for the wealth which renders extraordinary mix of particular Arabic culture alongside innovation. It invests an ideal affair of touring, enterprise, travel, history, customs and desire. People from different parts of the world generally outline their voyages in order to reveal the unmistakable groupings of experiences wrapped into various folds.

Dubai Excursions

When you visit a champion among the most powerful and made Emirates out of the seven, you can’t miss a perfectly orchestrated leave safari. It being a standout amongst the most quickly creating places, it is known for its wonderful structures, eye enamoring magnificence and warm neighborliness. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world visit to appreciate the vital magnificence in the immense scope of vacancy. There are various visit administrators who can help you to savor this extraordinary experience.


It is a captivating goal to be in. Among all the seven emirates, it has parts to offer in the method for staggering shoreline resorts and Desert Safari Dubai. Other than the doubtful reaches out of sparkling sand and shining waters of the Persian Gulf, the great atmosphere turns spending a day on the shoreline one of the better methodologies than restore and tackle your tan.


Dubai Excursions