4 Tips to Travel Dubai on Budget

Dubai is a popular tourist attraction in the world. This small state in U.A.E is famous for its breathtaking skyline, long buildings, hotels, shopping malls, resorts, beaches and other such worth seeing stuff.  Every year millions of the people from all over the world flock to this place either to visit the popular attractions or to find the jobs. Budget constraints are a significant obstacle in the way of visiting Dubai. If you want to visit the city despite limited financial resources, then you must plan a travel budget for your trip. Here are the tips that can guide you to plan a travel budget to Dubai.

  1.    Save on Accommodation

Finding an affordable location in Dubai is no easy job. The prices of the property are skyrocketing making it difficult for budget travelers to find the best affordable place. If you plan to visit the entire state while enjoying from the experiences like Desert safari, ice skating on artificially created snow landscape, then better save your money for such activities rather than spending it on some luxury accommodation. So, do your search before you make your way to this exotic land, and find some less expensive place to live.

  1.    Visit Dubai during DSF

If you are a shopaholic who wants to visit Dubai for the craze of lavish brands then you must try saving money by availing the discount offers. Luckily, you have an opportunity in the form of DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) that takes place from December to February. Shoppers only need a DSF entry card to shop from their favorite malls. The good thing is that DSF experience is not merely limited to shopping but also the experiences like Desert Safari etc.

  1.    Prioritize Your Activities

Traveling on the budget doesn’t just mean to save money. It is more about spending your money on the things which are worth it. You can spend wisely by developing a clarity of plans in the mind and prioritizing your list of to-do things in Dubai. For example, ask yourself what do you want to do in Dubai, is it shopping, taking leisurely strolls in the desert or visiting the tourist attractions? Once you are clear about your priorities you are already at an ease for setting aside a limited budget for each activity.

  1.    Set a Budget for Food

Even if you don’t intend to eat in lavish restaurants, you might not be able to avoid doing so due to some expected social conditions. Therefore, make sure you have set aside a budget for your food as well.

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