A Book on “Food Projects & Agriculture Based Business Ideas for Startup” launched by NIIR Project Consultancy Services

New Delhi, 31 July 2018: NIIR Project Consultancy Services released a book titled ‘55 Most Profitable Micro, Small, Medium Scale Food Processing (Processed Food) Projects and Agriculture Based Business Ideas for Startup’ which provides a comprehensive information on Food Processing businesses.

The book describes the structure of Indian processed food industry, its classification in various products (Soy Flour & Milk, Starch Derivatives, Saccharin, Tomato Paste, Edible Corn Oil, Malt, Instant Noodles, Garlic Oil and Powder, Cattle Feed, Banana Wafers, Biscuits, Bread, Candy, Chocolates, Potato Chips, Rice Flakes (Poha), Corn Flakes, Baby Cereal Food, Fruit Juice, Milk Powder, Paneer, Papad, Ghee, Extruded Food (Kurkure Type), Instant Tea, Jam & Jelly, Khakhra, Soft Drinks, Spices, Sweet Scented Supari, Cake & Pastry, Banana Chips, Papad, Besan, Pickles, Ice-Cream Cones, Honey, Flour Mill, Tutti-Fruitti, Confectionery, Noodles, Ice Candy, Namkeen, Vermicelli, Mango Pappad (Aam Papad), Chilli Powder, Popcorn, Supari Chips, Revadi and Gazak, Mava, Tomato Sauce and Ketchup, Ice Cream, Baking Powder, Moong Dal Bari, Packaged Drinking Water With Pet Bottles).

The book covers an expansive Processed Food Projects and Agriculture Based the Business Ideas for Startup. For an entrepreneur during initial stage, it makes good business sense to avoid ideas that require high capital investment in equipment, land, etc.

Venturing into the manufacturing business requires dividing time and effort between making business plan, creating the product, and selling. It is greatest to venture into product areas that require small to medium investment, which can be returned within a few years. If one wants to start off on his own, this book provides some manufacturing business ideas with small and medium investment.

About NIIR Project Consultancy Services

The Publisher of the book NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (NPCS) is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services and market research reports. Its various services are: Pre-feasibility study, New Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Study, Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, Preparation of Project Profiles / Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys / Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Section of Plant /Process / Equipment, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counselling for setting up new industrial projects.

Media Contact:
Ajay Gupta


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రాజీనామా ప్రకటించిన జె.సి.దివాకరరెడ్డి!

వరసగా ఆరు సార్లు ఎం.యల్.ఏ గా గెలిచిన,సీనియర్ రాజకీయ నాయకులు,ముక్కుసూటిగా మాట్లాడే వ్యక్తి,అనంతపురం జిల్లా లో ఎదురు లేని రాజకీయ శక్తి గా ఆవిర్భవించిన ప్రస్తృత అనంతపూర్ టీడీపీ ఎం.పి జె.సి.దివాకర్ రెడ్డి రాజీనామా చేయనున్నారు.ఆయన గత కొంత కాలంగా రాజకీయ సన్యాసం తీసుకుంటాను అని చెప్తూ వస్తున్నారు.వయసు కారణం తో రాజీనామా చేస్తున్నట్లు చెప్తునప్పటికి ప్రభాకర్ చౌదరీ కి జె.సి కి ఉన్న గొడవల వల్లే అని తెలుస్తుంది.ముఖ్యమంత్రి ఎంతసేపటికి ప్రభాకర్ కి మద్దతు ఇస్తూ దివాకర్ మాట జిల్లా లో తగిస్తున్నారు అని అందుకే రాజీనామా చేయన్నున్నారు అని ఆయన సన్నిహితులు చెప్తున్నారు.అయితే ఆయన కుమారుడు జె.సి.పవన్ రెడ్డి,ఈ మధ్య తరచు జిల్లా లో తిరుగుతూ ఉండడం,కార్యకర్తలతో భేటీ అవడం చూస్తుండే రానున్న ఎన్నికల్లో ఆయన పోటీ చేస్తారు అని అర్థం అవుతుంది.నా కొడుకు పొట్టి చేస్తారు అని దివాకర్ రెడ్డి కూడా చెప్తున్నారు,కానీ ఏ పార్టీ అన్నది చెప్పడం లేదు.నిన్నటి దాకా తిట్టిన జగన్ దగ్గరకు వెళ్తారా?లేక సినీ రంగం కనుక జనసేనని తో కలుస్తారా?లేక రెండు జాతీయ పార్టీలలో ఏదైనా పార్టీ లో చేరుతారో అనేది వేచి చూడాలి!

How to do chakrasana?

Wheel Pose (Sanskrit: Chakrasana)

Style: – Ashtanga Yoga

Course – Yoga Teacher Training India
Level: – Advanced
Type: – back bend, stretching, inversion, balance, strength.
Duration: – 1 to 5 minutes
Preparatory pose : –
•       Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
•       Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)
•       Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

Wheel Pose – Sanskrit: Chakrasana, also called Urdva Dhanurasana is a back-bending yoga asana for advanced people and is a part of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga.
Chakra means ”Wheel” in Sanskrit because the final position looks like a wheel, it’s a heart opening posture which is thought to work on the heart chakra and It gives great flexibility to the spine.
You will learn these type of asanas during 200 hour yoga teacher training
Benefits of Wheel Pose (Chakrasana):
There are many reported benefits of chakrasana.

•       It gives you a very good strech to the lungs and chest.
•       It strengthens the liver, pancreas and kidneys.
•       It relieves lower back pains and gives more flexibility in the spine.
•       Good for the heart – strengthens dthe heart (it’s also a heart-opening posture)
•       It also helps to reduce the fat in the abdomen area.
•       It maintains the metabolism normally.
•       It cures infertility, asthma, and osteoporosis
•       It’s also helpful against uterine and menstrual problems.
•       It stimulates the digestive system.
•       It gives good stretch to the hip flexors, wrist flexors and your core.
•       Strengthens arms, wrists, shoulder blades, abdomen, buttocks, spine, glutes, hamstrings, lower back,  and legs.
•       It calms the mind, refreshes the brain and relieves stress.
•       Strengthens arms, wrists, shoulder blades, abdomen, buttocks, spine, glutes, hamstrings, lower back,  and legs.
•       It makes the persons more energetic and active.
•       It stimulates the nervous system by purifying the blood
•       It reduce Osteoporosis.
•       It stimulate all the chakras on the body (especially the heart chakra).

Precautions And Contraindications:

•       If you have pain in wrist (or a weak wrist), pain in ankles, spine or in your lower back you should not perform this posture.
•       It should not be practiced by pregnant womans.
•       People who have headache and migraine.
•       People with blood pressure problems (especially high blood pressure)
•       If you have diarrhea and hernia you should not practice this asana.
•       People with carpel tunnel syndrome.

Important before you do the Chakrasana:

Your stomach should be complitely empty, actually it’s the best to have a meal at least four to six hours before your practice so you can be sure the food is digested well and you have enough energy.
It’s meant to practice in the morning, but  in the evening you can do it as well.

Steps to practice Chakrasana:

•       To practice this asana lie down on your back with your feet apart, close to your body and bend your knees
•       The distance between your feet and knees should be around 30
•       Bring your palms on the floor beside the head, that the fingers are pointing towards the shoulders
•       Inhale and press your palms into the floor that you are able to lift your shoulders and elbows up. The crown of your head supports the weight of your upper body to lift it up.
•       Try to straighten the arms and legs as much as possible to get in to the full pose, your feets and arms should be pressed into the floor.
•       Arch your back and role your spine as much as possible to come into the final position.
•       Hold this posture for at least 15-30 seconds.
•       To go back into your start position, bend your knees and your ellbows to lower your head, your shoulders and your hips down to the mat.

Kaamstra acquires e-store startup itspleazure

21 July 2018, Pune – Kaamastra has announced today an acquisition ItsPleaZure, the up-and-coming Mumbai based sensual wellness website for women.

ItspleaZure, launched in 2016, is an exciting brand catering to women’s sensual needs and retails lingerie, lubricants, attractive board games, role-play costumes, etc. Its female leadership and keen industry insights have grown it into an industry leader in the online erotic wellness space.

“Divya Chauhan & the ItspleaZure team have done a phenomenal job. They’ve understood the needs of women customers which gives Kaamastra an exciting opportunity to talk to our customers better”, says Rahber Nazir, CEO of Kaamastra. “Coupled with our core strengths of customer service, a strong product range and global partnerships, this is a win-win proposition for both our customers. We’re going to cross sell Kaamastra bondage, board games, edibles, lubricants, fetish wear and femininity furniture product ranges to Itspleazure customers and give them 1000s of more experiences to try!”


Divya Chauhan, founder of ItspleaZure adds,”Kaamastra’s acquisition is a major boost to our customers and our mission of being the largest women’s sexual wellness brand in India. As Indians become more demanding, we’re confident the Kaamastra-ItspleaZure collaboration will provide the best value and erotic experiences to customers anywhere in India.”

Kaamastra will acquire all physical and digital assets for an undisclosed amount and will manage Itspleazure as an independent brand which will keep its female oriented focus.

The combined company will deliver to more than 15000 pin codes in India orders/month and will sell a combined 7500+ products as well as presence on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Kaamastra, founded in 2013 by Rahber Nazir, is India’s largest online erotic wellness company delivering more than 5000 orders per month. It has more than 4000 products and has grown through a constant focus on product selection and customer privacy through its innovative delivery policies to guarantee 100% privacy.

The erotic wellness market in India is a dynamic evolving market that is growing at an average rate of 34.8 percent per year from 2014 to 2018. The current market size of the category in India is around $227.8 million as compared to the global $22 billion.

Media Contact:
Mangirish Mate
Ph: 8055366794
Email: marketing@kaamastra.com

Why decant? An imminent process

Drinking wine is just the right thing to do when you want to relax or take a bit of time out for yourself. People from all around the world know about the perks of drinking wine and it’s a good way to spend a time with your close ones and discuss all the important matters of life.

There are many different types of wines available to choose from and many people have rather peculiar interests when coming to taste of the wine and different states have different styles to serve the wine.

Decanting is an important process that is done while serving the wine. Many people consider this an unimportant process and believe that it is not that much-needed but as said above the wine lovers have a peculiar interest when it comes to the wine taste and its serving techniques.

A common technique that is told is that open the bottle of wine and let it has the oxygen for five minutes and then pour it in the glass and start drinking but have you ever considered that how much the oxygen wine takes in and gets mixed with when it is in the bottle and considering the size of the bottle, you will come to know that it has very limited space available. Thus the wine doesn’t get the proper amount to get the required taste.


The process of prestige decanters started a long time ago and people have done this to get the good taste. The process of decanting is not as simple as it seems to be. There are many checks that you need to consider while starting the process. Decanting consists of basically two main steps which are as following

  • Aeration
  • Separation


Aeration is a process that is done to make the wine oxygenated. Obviously, people do the process of oxygenation but in decanting it has more importance and it is done by shifting the wine into another container called the decanters. The shifting of the wine from one container to another makes the wine more oxygenated. There are different types of decanters available that have different size and shapes to get the wine more oxygenated.


Separation, however, is a different process than aeration. Normally the people open the bottle of wine and let it be that way for some time and don’t shift it to another container. The older wine develops sediments that are at the bottom of the bottle and if they reach your glass, they produce a pretty bitter taste and thus the essence of the wine is lost. So in decantation, when the wine is shifted to the decanter, the wine is separated from those sediments and thus the chance of the bitter taste of wine vanishes.

After performing the above two steps, the wine gets its life by the oxygen and the shifting of the wine to the decanter separates the sediments and the wine is ready for drinking.


There are many benefits associated to decanting of the wine but the people usually overlook the aspects and they don’t really know the reasons that why the wine in the restaurant tasted better than the wine they have kept at the house and it’s pretty old as well.

The reason for this is the decanting of the wine. The restaurant owners pretty much know the importance of decantingthe wine and they also have experts with them that do the decanting, so yes, it will obviously taste better.

Another benefit is that you can turn a cheap wine into a great wine by decanting because it changes the taste a lot. People usually love a clear red glass of wine to drink and there are sometime sediments present in the glass of wine and people leave it, getting a new glass of removing it by some tool. Decanting is the process that basically removes all the sediments so you can have a clear glass of wine to enjoy, but this process needs to be handled carefully.


There are different types of decanters available in the market to choose from. Depending upon the size and shapes and the level of exoticness that you wish, a lot of variety is there. Choose a decanter that is easy to handle and easy to pour the wine into other containers. A fancy decanter not doing its function properly is a waste of money.

Try out yourself and find the magic of decanting after the above-mentioned instructions mentioned above and its’ pretty sure that you will be inspired.

Best decanter design 2018

When spending close a decanter, it’s essential to make sure that the decanter would be worth the money. Wine decanters are offered in different affordable rates. Wine decanter is constructed of many materials as glass, crystal, mud and several different materials. Wine decanters have an assortment of price points. There are magnum wine decanters that will satisfy your requirements.

A decanter may be used to both shop and serve spirits, but there are not any benefits the liquor is going to receive from being decanted. Wine decanters are available in all different shapes and sizes. The ideal wine decanter is going to be balanced for your requirements, be simple to grasp, and won’t supply a cumbersome pour.

The plan is sleek and contemporary, and it’s made in Italy. Make certain that the contact paper is the appropriate way up so that your design is going to be the proper way round when stuck on the mirror. There are lots of quirky one-off designs to select from.

Best Decanter for Bourbon come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. When selecting a decanter remember that quality is just as vital as design. There are decanters which arrive in sets that are a fantastic value saving option.

Decanters are safe to use, easy to keep and supply an artistic element to your house bar that will allow you to take your service to the next level. Pouring is likewise an advantage when you’ve got a wine decanter which works for your requirements. So many wine decanters attempt to be something they’re not.

Alternatively you are able to pre-chill your wine decanter and fill it using a white wine which will be consumed fairly quickly. Wine decanters have really turn into a means to express your individual style. Usually, the wine decanter has a large bottom which has a slow curvature till a narrow spout. Wine decanters are offered in an array of shapes, designs and are even available in various colors with colored glass making a strong comeback in the plan scene.

Decanters play an important function in serving wine. Though it’s important to say that the decanters with the more traditional antique decanter” appearance will have a tendency to be the ones which are very old and frequently times originate from another nation. The ideal whiskey decanters ought to be a fusion of superior craftsmanship with unforgettable and timeless designs.

Wine, therefore it seems, needs in order to breathe as a way to fulfill its whole potential. It needs to breathe so that the aroma can be released s some of the wine’s aromas, allowing the flavors to come to their fullness and provide a richer taste. Most wines don’t will need to get decanted, but they frequently gain from aeration.

Concerning functionality, on account of the regular design of a wine carafe, it’s used for holding a bigger quantity of wine. Decanting wine is a way of pouring your wine from the bottle to some other vessel. Also, white wines may lose their flavor and nuance if they’re served too chilled.

Moving To Another Area Safe With Us

There are sure things that you should consider when you connect with the administrations of moving organizations:

• Go through the subtle elements and terms of administration with the delegate of your moving organization. Ensure that you see every one of the insights about the game plan with your mover. Ask the organization delegate or facilitator in the event that they will reset your things back once these are unloaded at the purpose of goal. You may likewise check if the administration bundle as of now incorporates the cleaning of the new area before the things or merchandise are unloaded.

• Negotiate for extra arrangements or rebates with your moving organization.

• Keep a nearby watch while your mover is dealing with your assets. This is critical particularly when your course of action with your mover is for hourly installment.

• Keep in steady contact with the facilitator and drivers while your products are in travel.

Find and take in a surefire equation for an inconvenience free and savvy move from a respectable expert Toronto Mover that brags of over 40 long stretches of unparalleled moving administration for home and business.

The movers and packers in sharjah can likewise play out the pressing of the considerable number of things and merchandise that you need to bring to wherever you need to go. Once pressed, these things and merchandise are then stacked in their trucks, transported the same to the masterminded goal, emptied lastly unloaded according to the terms of your course of action with the moving organization.

Know About Camel Safari in Dubai

The camel is also suited in other ways to desert life. Its broad, padded feet stay on top of sand as the camel walks. When sand blows, the camel can shut its nostrils into slits. And it has thick pads on its knees. It kneels comfortably on these.

The Arabian camel is sometimes called the ship of the desert. Used as a beast of burden, it can carry several hundred pounds. Slightly smaller camels are raised for riding. One humped camels are sometimes called dromedaries.

Arabian camels are mostly raised in the deserts of North Africa and Arabia. They all have one hump. They eat the leaves of desert plants. They belong to the big group of animals called hoofed mammals.

Another kind of camel lives on the dry, cold plains of central Asia. This is the Bactrian camel. It has two humps on its back. It also has long hair. The Bactrian camel can carry a pack over thick snow in below-zero weather. It can stay alive on scrub plants that few other animals would eat. People of the Asian plains raise the camel for milk, meat, hides, and hair for making cloth.

On my third day, a thrilling desert safari was arranged. I headed out of town in a caravan of 12 jeeps. First stop was a place where we rode ATV’s, fed baby camels and saw a demonstration of falconry. We then headed deep into the desert for an hour of Dune Bashing. I got the best/worst driver of the 4×4’s names Wajed. He drove maniacally up and over the steepest dunes like a drunken sailor at high seas. The scariest part was “sliding” perpendicular down the mountains of sand. We nearly tipped twice. As I screamed, Wajed chatted on his cell phone with a friend. We stopped to view a breathtaking sunset over the multi-hued desert-scapes. Then continued on to an oasis with oryx and camels. We enetered a tented camp for some real Bedouin culture. The safari price included sand-skiing, sand-boarding, henna tattoos, camel rides and smoking the “hubbly bubbly pipes”. I declined the cherry tobacco and dressed up like a veiled Arab woman. A BBQ buffet was served under the stars as belly dancers performed. It was all like a tale from “The Thousand and One Nights.”

My last day was spent sightseeing. For my own farewell dinner, I booked a dhow cruise. These traditional wooden boats have plied the Gulf waters for centuries of trading. From the Dubai Creek, they still today export goods to Africa and India. The music and seafood was excellent with the backdrop of a shimmering illuminated skyline, far too romantic to do this alone. I felt isolated amongst the group of tipsy Russians.

Reflecting on a perfect holiday, I feel more balanced and vow to return to this captivating land of Sheba. Dubai has magical affects of desert safari deals and a vision that knows no end. I tasted only an appetizer from its buffet of entertaining delights. I designed some fabulous itineraries for future groups such as 4 days in Dubai along with 4 days in Cairo or Istanbul which are only a stones throw away.  You too can discover a place to indulge all your senses. There’s no place like Dubai. On my return, I will lunch at the Burj Al Arab. I better make my reservation now.

Know About Water Filtration

Best Water Filtration System

It is safe to say that you want to purchase a water channel? Do you know a suitable water sifting framework? There are decisions of water sifting units to purchase. An entire house channel is generally functional. Find the best filtration framework to utilize. Before purchasing a home water channel framework, it is best to know the various types of water sifting frameworks accessible. Additionally, in picking the home water filtration framework, you have to recognize what your necessities are, and how much water you requirement for filtration.

Pitcher filters are good for occasional need for filtration. To use this, you will need to fill the jug with water to the top level. The water then flows through an internal filter into the main canister. Depending on the manufacturer, the water may take several minutes to filter.


There are also faucet-mounted filters which enable you to filter water straight from the tap. The filters are small. There are also several models of this home water filter system that can divert water from the filter in case you may need to use tap water for dish and hand washing.


Another classification of water filter system is under the sink filters. This type of water filter is identical to the faucet-mounted filters as it is mounted to one faucet or sink. But, the difference is the mounting style.


Under the sink filter is mounted under the sink. And it typically comes with a faucet or tap. The filter is larger and longer lasting than the previous two types. Whole house filters are the final classification of home water filter dubai purification systems.


Whole house filter is a type that is installed at the water source of your house. For home water filter system, it provides water filtration for the entire house. Meaning, anywhere in the house that has a faucet, the water comes out is filtered.


If you were to listen to professionals, they would say that whole house water filter systems are only ideal if your water is very poor even for washing dishes, laundry and for cooking.


Whole house water filtration is more comprehensive than the previous three types. It is also more expensive. Beside the classification, water filtration used different method for filtering water.


If your water comes with chlorine, chloroform, pesticides or organic chemicals, you may opt for NSF-certified carbon filter. But, if your water contains heavy metals, such as fluoride, chloroform, and some microbial contaminants, you may need stronger filtration methodology.


UV water filters are also possible. The Ultra Violet Radiation system uses high frequency light for irradiating water through a glass element. When the water passes the element, it is exposed to the light, killing all living organisms.